Frequently Asked Questions

It really depends on the amount and types of windows, the package chosen and level of soiling.

If this is a concern, please mention it to us.

The easiest way for us to answer this is for us to see your property.

This can be done in person, or you can send us a video tour of the windows you want cleaned.

There are many factors that go into pricing a window cleaning project such as:

  • Number of glass panes
  • Height of windows
  • Size of windows
  • Types of windows
    • Fixed Windows
    • Vinyl Framed
    • Wood Framed
    • Storm Windows
  • Types of glass
    • Tempered
    • Non-Tempered
    • Specialty windows with special care instructions from the manufacturer
  • Amount of organic soil
  • Amount of construction debris
  • Access to the windows

Estimates are free for anyone in Calgary (some restrictions apply).

Call us at 403-809-3724

Email us at

To answer this, we will need to first see your home.

There are many factors such as:

  • Amount of soiling
  • Frequency of cleaning desired
    • One-time
    • Weekly
    • Bi-weekly
  • Number of:
    • Kitchens, kitchen fixtures and appliances
    • Bathrooms and bathroom fixtures
    • Bedrooms
    • Entryways
    • Staircases
    • Hallways
    • Living spaces
  • Size of rooms
  • Types and condition of flooring
    • Carpet
    • Hardwood
    • Tile
      • Granite
      • Marble
      • Travertine
      • Porcelain
      • Etc.
  • Types of appliances
    • Stainless Steel
    • Enamel coated

If you need interior window or home cleaning, yes.  This allows us to do a walk through.

If you only need exterior windows cleaned, no, but we will need your permission to walk around your property.

For a Basic Window Cleaning, yes.  If you will be away for your cleaning, please let us know in advance. 

We don’t invoice for residential cleanings, so if you won’t be home to pay once the job is completed, payment will need to be secured before the job begins.

Yes, when it’s the best option.

Factors that decide this are:

  • Worker safety
  • Protecting the property
  • Cleaning most effectively

Yes, but as little as possible.

We started out working on up to 40 foot ladders, hand cleaning every window, but that is often not the best way anymore.

We now use water fed poles to clean the exterior windows as it allows the technician to be on stable ground and drastically reduces the chances of damage occuring on your property.

When a ladder is the only way to access a window, we use safe practices and careful thought to make sure no accident occurs.

Generally, no because every house is different.

Even two properties which were built identical can have very different challenges due to:

  • Gardens
  • Trees
  • Ornaments
  • Window coverings
  • Furniture
  • Level of soiling

We want to give fair pricing to everyone, so we price jobs based on the individual property.

We need to access your windows to clean them, so if you believe we won’t be able to, please move any furniture blocking them.

If you’re unsure, email ( or text (403-809-3724) a photo and we’ll let you know.

Our estimate does not include moving items our of our way and back to clean the windows.

Please move any ornaments or decorations on your window sills or in front of your windows to allow us access.

If we need to move items to access the windows, a surcharge will apply.