Exhibit B

Service Level Targets

We will perform the Services in accordance with the following:

Response times and “time to fix”

  • In the event there is issue or complaint about our Services
    • Contact us by phone (403-809-3724), email (hello@focuscleaners.com) or text (403-809-3724) or speak with a Focus Window Cleaning supervisor on site within 48 hours of the Service Date.
      • We will listen to you, discuss how we can resolve the issue, and schedule an agreeable time within the next week.
        • If it is an issue with windows where the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius, we will arrange to come back as soon as the weather is warmer, and we are available.
        • If we cannot arrange a mutually agreeable time to fix the issue, we may, in our sole discretion, compensate you for the portion of the job with the issue.

Temporary Stoppage of Work

A temporary stoppage of work occurs when:

  • There is a safety concern.
  • Equipment malfunctions.
  • We lack exclusive access to the scope of work.
  • Interference with our staff or contractors.
  • Interference with animals.
  • Disagreement of the terms of this Agreement.
  • There is a request for change in the scope of work.
  • Presence of an aggressive or unsafe person.
  • Damage would occur if we continue.
  • We need more information to continue.

A temporary stoppage of work could take minutes or days or longer, depending on the issue. The stoppage of work may mean a single person stops working.

If we are solely responsible for the downtime, and it will significantly affect the duration of Services (For example: Our equipment breaks down):

  1. We will:
    1. Notify you of stoppage of work by phone, text email or in person.
    2. Make arrangements to either extend the Service duration or reschedule to another date.
      1. If you want to cancel the Service:
        1. You agree to pay immediately for the percentage of the job completed including rental fees and expenses incurred to carry out the Agreement as dictated by us.

If you initiate an event which leads to a temporary stoppage of work, and it will affect the duration of Services (For example: We can’t get access to the scope of work because another contractor is working in the same area on the Service Date.):

  1. We will:
    1. Assess any issues
    2. Notify you of stoppage of work by phone, text, email or in person.
    3. Notify you of any additional fees for us to continue.
      1. If you wish to continue the Service:
        1. You agree to pay a downtime fee of $50 per hour per staff member and/or contractor hired by us for the duration of time they are unable to work.
      2. If you wish to cancel the Service:
        1. You agree to pay for the whole estimated amount for that Service Date promptly.
        2. You wave any right to warranty or guarantees

Business Continuation

  • In the event, Focus Window Cleaning is temporarily unable to fulfill its obligations in this Agreement on the Service Date, we will contact you as soon as possible to reschedule the Service Date.
    • If we are unable to come to an agreed Service Date, we may terminate this Agreement.

Staff and Contractors

  • You agree not to interfere with our staff or contractors.
    • If there is an issue with one of our staff or contractors or the way they’re doing something, bring it to our attention by:
  • Interference with our staff will result in a temporary stoppage of work and may result in discontinuations of Services and full payment being required at our discretion.