Storefront Window Cleaning Policies

Storefront Window Cleaning gives a business owner the chance to let their brand shine.  We can give your windows a single cleaning to bring them up to standard, or a recurring cleaning to keep them looking amazing.

Pricing for window cleaning is based on the scope of the storefront as it is when the job was priced. 


Should you wish to skip or cancel any scheduled service appointment, please provide Focus Window Cleaning with a minimum of two business days (48 hours minimum) notice prior to your scheduled appointment. The following fees apply to Cancellations:

  • Over two business days notice (48 hours minimum) you will not be charged
  • Within two business days (48 hours) you will be charged 50% of your scheduled service
  • Within one business day (24 hours) you will be charged 100% of your scheduled service

First Cleaning (1st Cleaning)

For cleaning soiled windows.

Prices for Single Storefront Window Cleaning are based on extra time being spent removing built up soiling on windows and spending extra time on peripheral cleaning like frames, screens and trims.

Any window cleaning contract or agreement not on a regular and recurring schedule is priced as a First Time Storefront Window Cleaning rate.

Recurring Storefront Window Cleaning

For keeping your windows clean.

Prices for Recurring Storefront Window Cleaning are based on maintaining clean windows at set intervals.  Because the windows are given little change to get a chance to get dirty, it takes us less time, so we can charge a lower price and the windows stay clean.

Set in intervals of: Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly.

Recurring Storefront Window Cleaning prices are only offered on windows cleaned by Focus Window Cleaning in the last 5 weeks.  Cancelling a recurring service, may trigger a Single cleaning charge on the following service. Please see our cancellation policy below.

Holds, Rescheduling and Cancellations

Any Storefront Window Cleaning contract or agreement with a set service date which is put on hold with notice by the client for longer than 1 week from the initial agreed upon service date will be charged a First Storefront Window Cleaning rate at the next cleaning.  If no further holds occur, the next cleaning will be charged at the Recurring Storefront Window Cleaning rate.

If the nature of your business requires flexibility, please let us know when signing up.


A Lockout is any occasion where we are unable to complete the full scope of a service work order due to not having access.

Lockouts may occur due to:

  • Our technicians not being able to gain access to the job site because:
    • Supplied keys do not work
    • The business is closed
    • We are refused entry at the time of service
  • Being limited in mobility due to other contractors working in the same area such as:
    • Painters painting the same rooms we’re contracted to clean
  • Areas to be cleaned being blocked by equipment or vehicles not included in the original job scope

Lockouts Without Notice will result in:

  • Our Service Technicians will attempt to complete the job but skip the affected area


  • Focus Window Cleaning will temporarily hold that day’s service
    • A new service date will need to be negotiated between the client and Focus Window Cleaning
    • A Cancellation Fee as listed above